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Making Lagertha's Leather / Chainmail Armor

June 16, 2015

The following shows the work that went into Lagertha's Armor shirt from Vikings Season 2.  The following show two shots of it:




 1. I made a pattern from a cheap yoga mat from Fry's Electronics.  (They sell EVERYTHING!)  Using the pattern, I cut out the different pieces from the leather.












 3. Staining and finishing the leather pieces.  Stained using a two-part system: Medium Brown and Antique Black detailing.






 4.  Chainmail time!!  I wanted to make the chainmail look battleworn, so I had to take the Zinc-plating off of the mail.  This is great because it makes it look worn/not so shiny new, however, the process makes it more susceptible to rust.  In fact, the process makes it rust!  So you have to brush the chainmail pieces off with a steel wired brush when you're done.  (Soak the zinc-plated mail in white vinegar overnight, rinse in the morning and be ready to brush some chainmail when it dries!)





5. Attaching the chainmail to the leather.  I used leather cording for this and a hand punch to crank out those holes.


 6.  DONE!  All attached and put together.


 7.  I think it turned out pretty dern well!!!!  Thanks for reading!  :D



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