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Creation of Season 2 Vikings Lagertha Bracers

May 8, 2015

The following images are a step-by-step guide on how I created Lagertha's bracers from Season 2 of the hit TV show Vikings.


1. I cut out the bracer pattern with EVA craft foam and then cut out the leather.  I looked at source images of Lagertha for details and saw that she had five lacing holes, so I measured them out and punched them.


2.  Lagertha's bracers also had a leather wrap around the edges, so I punched those holes as well.


3. Stain leather!


4. Wrap leather cording through top holes.


5.  I was debating about using actual bronze sheets to create the top pieces, but I decided to make them out of leather instead!  I could get more detail as well as include the spots (round nubs on the outer area) easily.  I hammered the leather using a basic mallet to give it that great battle-worn look, stained the underneath with a black antique gel, and then painted the outer area with a metal-look bronze paint.


6.  Coming together and adding the spots, which you can add randomly.  There isn't a pattern.


7.  Spots added!  The look before rivetting together with bronze rivets.



 8. FINAL!  :-D





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